Documented torture methods in Uganda

Documented torture methods in Uganda

Over the years, human rights organizations in and outside Uganda have documented acts that match the crude exploitation and abuse that have been meted by security agents on suspects, prisoners and political opposition members. Below are some of the methods from several reports by the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, ACTV, Foundation of Human Rights initiative and publications of the Istanbul Protocol: The Include;

  • Kandoya–tying hands and the feet behind the victim and suspension from the ceiling;
  • Tearing off nails;
  • Water torture/”Liverpool”- exposing the victim with mouth open to a water spigot, forcing the victim to lie face up, mouth open while the tap is turned on into the mouth;
  • Severe beatings with rifle butts, sticks, electric cables, metal rods, pistols, fists, sticks with nails;
  • Being forced to seat on a red hot metal;
  • Mutilating genitalia of male suspects through kicking, beating with sticks, puncturing ith hypodermic needles and tying the penis with wire or weights;
  • Suspension of weights onto the scrotum;
  • Forcing the victim to stand in red ants;
  • Insertion of needles into the nail bed;
  • Death threats including putting the nozzle of the pistol into the victim’s mouth
  • Having the victim bitten by red ants;
  • Burning with molten plastic;
  • Threatening family members with death;
  • Mock execution;
  • Showing victims fresh graves, dead bodies or snakes;
  • Falanga and bastinado- beating the soles of the feet;
  • Electrocution.
  • Keeping detainees in pits in the ground

Compiled by Frank Nyakairu


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